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Teachers, students, business professionals, actors, singers, travellers. 

Whatever you need. Improve your pronounciation. Increase your success in English, understand and make yourself understood.

You lead how the conversation will go. We are also happy to role play sales scripts, exam preperation, job interviews, presentations etc.

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Tanya Eldridge

Actress and entertainer

Tanya originates from England.  She graduated from the University of Kent with distinction.

Her aim is to use her skills to help you achieve your goals.

In the last 15 years she has spent much of of her time in Abruzzo, this has given her a good understanding of the language and cultural differences. 

Being an actress and singer means she has experience working with the voice, and using it to its full effect. She also has worked in many jobs and industries both in England and Italy. This gives her a good range of experience to keep conversations relevant from the ground up.

With Tanya you not only improve your English, but also improve the relevance and context of the conversations, all done an entertaining manner.

Case Study

A from Pescara teaches English in Scuola Secondario in Pescara. Before Covid she was able to travel easily to England to maintain her pronunciation. On a teachers salary this was not easy, with all the costs of Covid testing it was prohibitive! 

When A found Help In Italy it was a huge relief. She says "When I heard about Tanya's entertaining conversations in English I knew immediately that this would be a good match, and I was not disapointed. By being able to book half hour slots to suit me and my budget I am able to not only improve my English, but I am also able to fit it around my family life"

“Great English sessions, I can understand Tanya, she speaks very clearly.  She is always happy to talk about any subject.  This is very helpful to me in my work. It's fun!”

• 2022 •

The Legends of Penne Abruzzo


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